Will You Be One of the Lucky 5%?

Every year, millions of people set out to lose weight and feel better about the way they look; but of those who accomplish satisfactory results, 95% of them put the weight right back on within the next year! In fact, most of them end up heavier than they were when they first set out to lose weight.

So what is it going to take for you to be one of the lucky 5 percent? If you’re burning to find out, you must read what Weight Loss Psychology expert, Mark Patrick, is about to reveal after 20 years of experience in empowering people to lose weight and keep it off.

Imagine, what would your friends and family members say if you accomplished healthy weight loss with lasting results? Can you picture yourself 20, 30, 40, 50 or even 100 pounds lighter than you are right now?

If so, then you’re already one step closer to discovering the little known secret behind the psychology of losing weight!

Here is what you’re about to discover when you read “Wake Up Skinny”:

  • The little known secret to how an “obesity lifestyle” is being packaged and promoted to millions of people just like you…and how you can protect yourself....
  • The missing link which companies pushing popular diets don’t want you to know…get this and you’re already halfway there....
  • How your current psychology might be making your body need junk food….and how to turn it around starting right now....
  • How to shatter the patterns of food craving, lack of self-control and guilt that have made you overweight....and how to start building patterns that will affect a lifetime of healthy and effortless eating habits....
  • Seven irrefutable laws of nature which may be working against your ambition to lose weight…find out how you can get them working for you....
  • The six secrets of healthy weight loss, common to the “lucky” 5%....hear three true stories from Mark’s clients who lost 30, 70, 100 pounds using these secrets!
  • The rock solid truth about your metabolism and what you can do to turn your body into a fat burning machine....

….and so much more!

So are you ready to put an end to the exhausting and humiliating struggle of yo-yo diets, starvation tactics and gut wrenching exercise routines? If so, start reading to discover how “Waking Up Skinny” can be more than just a dream...it can happen to you too!

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