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Weight Loss

Mark was fantastic! The information he provided was worth the cost of the seminar in itself. As a mortgage banker stress eating was a part of my evening but now it’s not even a concern. I have lost 48 pounds in the 4 1/2 months since the last session. Today there are 18 of my family and friends here. They have seen my success and want to achieve the same results. My energy level is so much higher; I feel great and look better too!
-Theodore Ranson, Dunbar WV

I'm a hairdresser and I've tried every diet under the sun to try to loose weight and tone up. A couple of months ago I had a client come in that had been hypnotized for smoking, he was doing great, I asked if they did weight loss and he told me "yes". I saw an ad in our local paper about Mark Patrick Seminars so my daughter and I both attended. We were both a little skeptical, but we decided to try it. I felt different from that day on. I'm not sure how to explain it except when I look at something I used to eat and I know its not good for me it's like my mouth says "NO". I was hypnotized on February 12, 2007 and I have lost about 22 lbs. in 6 weeks and close to 40 lbs total.
- S. Walker, Sweet Home OR

Lost 90lbs in 4 ½ months. My energy is higher than ever. I am now exercising on regular basis. Not to mention I have dramatically lowered my blood pressure. This program saved my life.
- James Shea -New Hampshire

I lost 35lbs in 3 ½ months. With the program I was able to eat better and starting walking more often. I felt a lot better with 35 lbs less to carry around.  I also stop smoking with Mark Patrick.
- Kenneth Warner, Lawton PA

I attended the seminar in Aug 2006. Mark was very thorough and covered the subject well. I am a housewife –have a house, outside dog, clean barn and throw bales of hay. It took 5 months to lose 23 lbs. I did not deprive myself of things that I wanted to eat, but ate less and enjoyed it more. I listen to my CD for about 3 months (that was my time). I would definitely recommend this program to others.
- Judith Jones, Lewisburg WV

My experience with Mark Patrick Seminars was a positive one. I was finally able to lose weight and keep it off. I’ve lost 15 lbs. And haven’t gained any back. The seminar helped me eat smaller portions and not feel hungry. I would recommend the seminar to anyone who wants to lose weight.
- Carol B.

I was very surprised that anyone could get control over my mind, I was always the type of person that has complete control! I was a big red meat eater. Now I can’t stand to even look at steak, it really makes me sick. I lost 15 lbs. And I am very please with the results.
- Honey M. Colmar, PA

I lost 20 lbs. my sister lost 35 lbs., my niece lost 55 lbs., my cousin lost 30 lbs. and on and on. This is the most exciting “diet” plan ever. I have probably sent at least a dozen others here.
- Kathy R. Ravenna, OH

This program gave me the willpower to quit Diet Coke “Cold Turkey” and I no longer had cravings for sweets. Thanks so much
- Joanne P. Newport, NY

I found the program to be very effective in helping me to avoid problem foods. I used to drink approximately 7-8 cans of diet cola a day and now have no desire for it. Not to mention I lost over 20 lbs. in 4 ½ months.
- Deb. D, Utica, NY

It was easier to give up foods I like. Eating what and WHEN I was supposed to helped keep me from feeling hungry. I lost 20 lbs. in 3 months. The education was invaluable.
- Janet C.,Hamilton, OH

This is the best & easiest way I have been able to find to lose weight.  I have lost 15 pounds in 3 months. My cravings for BK double cheeseburgers and chocolate pudding are gone! I am so pleased with the program & myself.
- Gail M. Piqua, Ohio

I lost 30 lbs. in 4 months!!! I have reduced cravings for certain foods and found the program extremely effective. I exercise regularly now and feel much better. I felt results immediately after the seminar. Thanks!
- B Spangler Somerset, PA

I lost 22 lbs. in 5 months!!!
- D. O'Neill Waymont, PA

I lost 18 lbs. in 1 month!!!!
- J. Gilbeson Lewisburg WV

I attended a seminar by Mark in 2007. At that time I was having trouble walking and breathing. I really enjoyed it and he kept you interested. I am disabled from back and leg problems, I've seen a difference in the pain. I lost 16 lbs. in the first month. 20 lbs. in 3 months!!! During my next visit to the doctor I had lost 4 more lbs.! I brought my mom along to another seminar and I tell everyone I know.
- P. Looney Raven VA

I attended my first seminar in January 2007. I am well pleased with the results. I had about 15 pounds to lose and lost it in about 3 months. My goal was to get back into all my smaller clothes. That I have accomplished. He stressed drinking more water and I haven't had any pop since and no desserts!!! I have recommended this program to many of my friends and relatives. I have also been back for complimentary reinforcements.
- B. Mahan Ripley, WV

Mark was excellent he gave us many good ideas such as blood sugar and the reasons you need to eat every 2-3 hours to keep that level even, I have never heard it explained like that. I would highly recommend this program to others because it is a way of thinking, not just a diet. I have lost 18 pounds so far.
- Carol M. Wells, Ohio

Fantastic! Seminar was great! I’m telling everyone about this. Could not lose weight before- this is the only program that worked for me. I lost 45 lbs. In 4 months.
- Carla L., Mt Joy PA

I came in July 2005 to Mark Patrick Seminars to help myself lose weight. The seminar definitely helped me. I lost 15 lbs. In 3 months. I also recommended the seminar to my friends as well.
- M. Castellano

I lost 20lbs in 4 months. I ate smaller portions and feel great at 60 years old.
- Elizabeth S Wilkes Barre PA

I lost 28lbs so far. I fully recommend this for anyone. I have had gastric-by-pass surgey and this works for me the best!
- Winnie H Hamilton OH

At 66 years old I was able to lose 20lbs with Marks Program.
- Kaye C. Springfield OH

I was first hypnotized in Sept 2008 and was pleasantly surprised at the whole process. I was sure I could not be hypnotized. Surprise! Surprise!  I lost 11 lbs my first month.
- Stephanie C. Ham OH

Just wanted to say that I'm delighted with the results so far. Even after indulging in a few "not so good" things over the holidays and being away from home and trying to fit in with the habits of where I was staying, i got on the scale this morning and found that I am 12lbs. down already, and haven't found it hard at all. Thanks!
- Marion M. Hilton Head SC

Stop Smoking

I went through the Mark Patrick Stop Smoking Seminar on March 8, 2006. I’m now a non-smoker. I haven’t had a cigarette. I am glad I took the seminar and think everybody should do it if they want to quit. IT WORKS!!
- Mendy P. WV.

I smoked for 42 years. I attended Mark Patrick’s Seminar for smoking and haven’t touched a cigarette since
-Connie E. Millersburg, PA.

On April 26th 2006 my son, his wife and myself went to a Mark Patrick Stop Smoking Seminar in Tunkhannock PA. I was smoking two packs a day and left a non-smoker. Thanks you for saving my life!
- Mary F. Tunkhannock, PA.

After smoking for 50 years I have not smoked since the seminar in March 2006.
- Patsie T. Lewisburg, WV

I attended the quit smoking seminar in March 2006 and I am smoke free now and do not even crave a cigarette. I have been very pleased with the results
- Donna C. Alderson, WV

I attended a smoking seminar in January 2006 and that date is forever etched in my head because you changed my life! You helped me overcome a 14-year habit in one night!!! The session was filled with so many interesting and important facts. I really learned a lot. I have recommended you to soooo many people. I have been smoke-free for 19 months now...THANK YOU!
- Kim Halquist Johnsonburg, PA

After going to one of your seminars, my husband has quit smoking, Praise the Lord!!! I am writing to thank you and find out when you will be in the Boone, NC area again, there are a bunch of family and friends who are interested in attending one of your seminars. Please let me know and thanks
-Joyce Hartzog Crumples, NC

I had been a smoker for 40 years. I attended a seminar in March 2007. I have great family support. They all enjoy giving me "loves" and driving in my car because I smell so good! I became ill and was hospitalized for seven days in December. When I cam home I was given oxygen to use 24 hrs. a day. There was also a nebulizer treatment four times per day and my inhaler as needed. There has not been a need for me to use the nebulizer since attending your seminar. My doctor said there has been a 25% increase in lung activity in the past 14 days. This is all due to your seminar. I know that I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you, I will recommend your program to anyone who will listen.
-Anna Huston Rickreall, OR

In January of 2006 we attended a seminar with Mark did a great job. I smoked 1/2 pack to 1 pack a day for about 34 years. Once I left the seminar and got into my car I reached for a cigarette, but I didn't smoke. I put them in my glove compartment and they have stayed there for 4 months. I also had a carton in the freezer for four months that I never smoked. Thanks Mark Patrick Seminar!!!
- Shirley Walker Russell, PA

I have been smoking since I was 13 now 43. I came to the smoking seminar and I was afraid of it but I am glad I came. I have not had any desire to smoke. Thank you for help me out.
- Lourdes P., PA

Hi My Name is Bonnie Stovall, I am 44 years old I have tried to quit smoking for about 7 years. I have tried the patch, gum cold turkey, and nothing worked. My friend told me about this seminar. I decided to try it. I went November 17 2006 and from that day I have never smoked another cigarette. I owe my life to Mark. I could not have done it with out him and his help. - Bonnie Stovall, GA

I attended the no smoking seminar on Feb 7, 2006. I have not touched or craved a cigarette since that day. I would definitely recommend it to a friend. I went from 1 pack a day to NONE a day. Yes it’s true in one seminar.
-Tyra M, NJ.

I smoked for 35 years up to 10 packs a week. I tried several times to quit using nicotine patches, zyban, and nothing has worked for me. I wish I had been hypnotized along time ago. It really worked for me. I feel great now!
- Kenneth Warner, Lawton PA.

I took Mark Patrick Seminar to stop smoking after having smoked 2 to 3 packs a day for 40 years I have not smoked since that day of the class. I had no nicotine urges and have not gained any weight
- Peggy C, Baker OR

I was a smoker for 25 years. I tried several methods to quit...all unsuccessful. I heard about Marks programs and I was a little skeptical, but thought what the heck it has a money back guarantee, what can I lose? What I lost was a bad habit! I feel great...not to mention my daughter is proud of me!
-Tammy M. Lebanon KY

My husband & I both did the seminar four months ago. We haven’t smoked at all. I have no desire to smoke. We have recommended this seminar to everyone we know who smokes. This seminar is the best thing that happened to us.
- Tommi & Andrew E., Pillow PA