Hypnosis For Weight Loss Explained...

...with really gross looking cookies ( Must See!). Plus at the end Test Your Carb IQ! (Bet You'll Be Surprised!!)

Gotta thank the wonderful people at Twin Cities Live in Minn. MN!

In case you are interested...

The technique used in this interview is called "aversion therapy" which simply creates a thought of disgust or repulsion at your subconscious level towards foods you are having cravings for. This approach was very popular years ago (especially for stop smoking) many hypnotists have steered away from it.

For those that need a hard-core approach (who doesn't) this will do the trick.  A lot of my clients feel relief that they will totally be turned off to their "weak moment" cravings.

Keep in mind worms may not do the trick for you. (there is something that will) But it's a hell of a visual!!

The bottom line...it's all about feeling in control.

P.S. Need help losing weight? Try the power of hypnosis...

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