Relax and Meditate to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

In my last article I covered the effects of intensifying your workouts (HIIT). Have you tried any of those simple, 10-minute workouts?

It’s okay if you haven’t (I highly recommend them, though), since you’re getting so much information from me on breaking weight loss stalls. I hope you’re able to keep up, because here’s another.

This is especially for those who’re leading stressful lives. Are you ready to bust that plateau with domination over stress?

Then it’s time to…

Plateau Buster #7

Learn To Relax, Meditate

Did you know that stress has its impact on your weight loss? Well, not directly, but it does affect it. A study shows that we’re more likely to eat calorically dense food under heavy stress (1). This means that stress might lead to overeating. Also, your body is releasing cortisol during stressful periods, which can cause weight gain, especially around your waist.

If you’re feeling stressed, I suggest learning Zen meditation. There are many stories and testimonies floating around the internet where people practicing Zen meditation lost a lot of weight. The twist is, however, that some of them couldn’t lose a single pound before starting meditating.

While you certainly won’t lose weight from meditating alone, according to a study that investigated obese individuals, meditation reduced their anxiety and stress levels (2).

In addition, meditation is known to increase your awareness of everything, including the types of food you eat. It’s also easier to concentrate on your workout when you’re calm, isn’t it?

If you’re interested in how to start meditating, here’s a handy guide by Give it a try! It only takes about 15 minutes of your time.

So, are you feeling stressful? If yes, please give meditation a try. Remember, stress promotes weight gain, so it’s time to calm down.

Zen meditation is a working tool of doing so.

See you in the next article!

Your friend in fitness,

Mark Patrick

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