Fast for 12 Hours to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

It’s already installment 8 of my plateau busting email sequence. Time flies by so fast!

And there is so much that you’ve learned already.

You’re almost back on the track of losing weight. Keep it up. I can’t stress this enough: plateaus can be overcome.

And you WILL. Please stay with me.

Well, today’s plateau destroyer might seem a bit scary at first glance.

It’s worth to give it a shot, though.

Check it out…

Plateau Buster #8

Fast For 12 Hours

Or Do An Intermittent Fast.

Okay, so what could be a better way to lose weight than simply stopping eating? No, of course, I don’t want you to starve. I want you to FAST. Fasting doesn’t necessarily mean starving, it’s more about cutting back on your intake of calories for short time periods. And I mean WAY back.

Implementing fasting in your daily routine is a more than efficient tool of losing weight (and detoxifying your body). The main idea behind fasting is that your body will adjust to smaller portions of meals, and eventually become more easily satisfied with them.

If you want better results, aim for healthy foods during fasting to reduce your craving for unhealthy, processed foods.

Studies show that prolonged fasting not only helps in losing weight (1), but it also plays a role in the defense against diabetes and vascular diseases (2) and in the reduction of cholesterol (3) levels and inflammation (4).

According to the author of The Fast Diet: Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, Live Longer, one of the most successful and scientifically endorsed books on the subject of intermittent fasting , Michael Mosley, intermittent fasting has been developed by scientists wanting to help people reduce their risk of developing diabetes, dementia and cancer, as well as offering a fresh approach for losing weight. “I don’t go to the gym or go running, it’s just not for me, so I have to find different ways,” he says.

There are, however, many aspects of fasting still unknown to the scientific world. There is a lot of ongoing research in the field.

Fasting is definitely not a bad thing (granted you’re not taking it to extremes).

Alright, see you soon, where I’ll share an awesome way of losing weight (while having fun at the same time).

Your friend in fitness,

Mark Patrick

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