Eat an Apple to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

Here’s a quick question for you.

Did you have your glass of water this morning?


Then you’re on the way destroying the plateau that’s blocking you from that TERRIFIC body you’ve always wanted.

So, my last piece of advice was something cheap and simple. Today’s won’t differ either!

I’m pretty sure that you’re already doing it because this one is also too darn obvious.

An ….. a day, keeps the doctor away (and destroys your weight-loss plateau).

I’m not joking. See for yourself, these studies don’t lie…

Plateau Buster #3

Eat an Apple a Day

That’s right. An oldie, but it works and here’s why. Apples are a rich source of a particularly powerful kind of fiber called pectin. Researchers at UCLA showed that by swapping in pectin for regular fiber, they could double the time it took subjects’ stomachs to empty from about 1 hour to 2 hours, which meant that subjects felt full that much longer.(1)

And in another study published in the journal Nutrition, scientists found that instructing participants to eat an apple or a pear before meals resulted in significant weight loss.(2) Apples are low glycemic too. One raw apple has a GI value of 32, according to the Glycemic Index Foundation. Why add one apple a day when you are stuck? Simple, it bumps up the number of small meals per day you are having.

Eating too few meals and snacks is very common when cutting back on calories in order to lose weight. The thing here is that the body needs fuel (food) every 3-4 hours in order to be in a feast mode, so that it releases stored body fat properly.

See, all that hassle from your parents when you were a child wasn’t for nothing.

Stay with me, there will be more to come!

Your friend in fitness,

Mark Patrick

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