Check Your Vitamin D Levels to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

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Plateau Buster #7

Check Your Vitamin D Levels

Did you know that your body’s vitamin D levels have an effect on your weight loss results?

A 2013 study (1) shows evidence that there is a relationship between the “sunshine vitamin” and weight reduction. Is it possible that vitamin D deficiency is the reason for your weight-loss plateau?

Entirely. While it’s true that sun exposure triggers your body’s production of vitamin D, it’s a scientific fact that relying upon sun exposure only isn’t enough. From where you live, to smog and sunscreen usage, these all affect your body’s vitamin D production.

So in order to make sure that your vitamin D levels are OK, your best bet is to ask for a 25-hydroxyvitamin D test from your physician, which shows whether you’re in need of vitamin D supplements or not.

Oh, yeah, I said supplements because vitamin D is contained in very few foods naturally. Fatty fish such as salmon or tuna, and fish liver oils are among the best when it comes to naturally supplementing yourself. Small amounts of vitamin D are present in beef liver, egg yolks or cheese. However, I still recommend dietary supplements.

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