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Cardio Empty Stomach Plateau Buster

In my previous article, I talked about your gut health and its impact on losing weight (plus other nasty diseases like diabetes and mental illness). Today I’m going to tell you about a form of exercise that might seem a bit extreme at first, but according to science, it CAN work. Keep in mind that…

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No Alcohol for 21 Days to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

The other day we talked about the benefits of Zen meditation. The most important thing about it is that it’s scientifically proven that it reduces stress levels. And… Remember, lots of stress equals less effective fat burning (and more weight gain). Anyway, here’s today’s plateau buster. If you’re the type of person who likes to…

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Relax and Meditate to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

In my last article I covered the effects of intensifying your workouts (HIIT). Have you tried any of those simple, 10-minute workouts? It’s okay if you haven’t (I highly recommend them, though), since you’re getting so much information from me on breaking weight loss stalls. I hope you’re able to keep up, because here’s another.…

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Go Slow Carb to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

Have you tried the simple mind trick from my last email? Even if you’re a bit skeptical about it, give it a shot. People who’ve used my programs have already achieved great things with simple mindset changes like that one. By the way, here’s a link to 3 of my programs (a value of $69.85).…

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My Top 10 Supplements

Ok, here are the supplements that I take every day. I swear by these!!! Ester C Vitamin C (5000 -10000 mg) This is very good for inflammation, skin etc. You can get this at your local health food store. Tonalin CLA (3000 mg) Studies show you need that much a day for burning fat (real…

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Fast for 12 Hours to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

It’s already installment 8 of my plateau busting email sequence. Time flies by so fast! And there is so much that you’ve learned already. You’re almost back on the track of losing weight. Keep it up. I can’t stress this enough: plateaus can be overcome. And you WILL. Please stay with me. Well, today’s plateau…

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