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Eat an Apple to Break Through Your Weight Loss Plateau

Here’s a quick question for you. Did you have your glass of water this morning? Yes? Then you’re on the way destroying the plateau that’s blocking you from that TERRIFIC body you’ve always wanted. So, my last piece of advice was something cheap and simple. Today’s won’t differ either! I’m pretty sure that you’re already…

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I’ll Make This Quick

I’ll make this quick. Please let me rant a little about the biggest issues I found with a traditional hypnosis session. By the way, this is after 500,000 client sessions, 21 years and a whole lot of affirmations!! Here is a little insight. It’s common sense when you analyze it, but I’ll share it anyway.…

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High-Interval Hypnosis

After 21 years, 500,000 client sessions and 12,000,000 affirmations, I came to the conclusion that there are two major obstacles with traditional hypnosis programs. First, you have no time! A traditional hypnosis session requires more time and more effort by the individual. Typical hypnosis sessions can last anywhere from 30-60 minutes. (that’s too long!) Secondly……

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss Explained

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Explained… …with really gross looking cookies ( Must See!). Plus at the end Test Your Carb IQ! (Bet You’ll Be Surprised!!) Gotta thank the wonderful people at Twin Cities Live in Minn. MN! In case you are interested… The technique used in this interview is called “aversion therapy” which simply creates…

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Hypnosis for Celebrities

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Explained… Aaron Eckhart Used hypnosis for: Quit Smoking & Drinking  Albert Einstein Used hypnosis for: Personal development  Ashton Kutcher Used hypnosis for: Quit smoking Ben Affleck Used hypnosis for: Quit smoking Billy Joel Used hypnosis for: Quit smoking Bruce Willis Used hypnosis for: Stuttering/Speaking Charlize Theron Used hypnosis for: Quit smoking…

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