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Hypnosis for Weight Loss Explained

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Explained… …with really gross looking cookies ( Must See!). Plus at the end Test Your Carb IQ! (Bet You’ll Be Surprised!!) Gotta thank the wonderful people at Twin Cities Live in Minn. MN! In case you are interested… The technique used in this interview is called “aversion therapy” which simply creates…

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Hypnosis for Celebrities

Hypnosis For Weight Loss Explained… Aaron Eckhart Used hypnosis for: Quit Smoking & Drinking  Albert Einstein Used hypnosis for: Personal development  Ashton Kutcher Used hypnosis for: Quit smoking Ben Affleck Used hypnosis for: Quit smoking Billy Joel Used hypnosis for: Quit smoking Bruce Willis Used hypnosis for: Stuttering/Speaking Charlize Theron Used hypnosis for: Quit smoking…

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Free Daily Affirmation Sheet

To help you succeed in your 21 Day Diet Solution download your own Daily Affirmation Checklist. Carry it around with you at all times to help you through your difficult cravings. Download Daily Affirmation Sheet

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How Does Hypnosis Work?

Recent scientific breakthroughs have broken myths and misconceptions about hypnotism as this supernatural act of getting people to do a hypnotist’s commands. In fact, with the popularity of Sigmund Freud’s studies on the subconscious, more and more people in the academe have come to accept hypnotism as a theory within the field of medicine and…

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