Hypnosis Script Book - Download!

Now you can finally take the guesswork out of hypnosis! You get 13 scripts with 3 different inductions over 100 pages that are easy to read and easy to follow.

These scripts include my most popular programs. Including all 5 scripts from my Wired For Weight Loss Program. You will not find this info anywhere else.


The Secrets To Mastering Your Thyroid™ Ebook

I've just completed the finishing touches on what might be the most detailed ebook on the thyroid...Over 128 pages! It's different than anything else you have seen or read on this subject. The information in this ebook grew out of my personal frustration with the lack of information available about thyroid issues and their treatments. 

You will learn a 30 second simple test you can do right now to find out if your thyroid is working properly.  Learn about an all-natural therapy that has been around for almost 100 years (before FDA). That flat out works. It works so well a major drug company even tried to get it taken off the market!


Wake Up Skinny Book - Print and Download

Will You Be One of the Lucky 5%?

Every year, millions of people set out to lose weight and feel better about the way they look; but of those who accomplish satisfactory results, 95% of them put the weight right back on within the next year! In fact, most of them end up heavier than they were when they first set out to lose weight.

So what is it going to take for you to be one of the lucky 5 percent?


Mind Your Health – Your Complete Health Make Over!

Reduce Stress/Anxiety, Eliminate Pain and Sleep better all in one program. Let me share with you the same techniques I use everyday to feel Better Than Ever. Improve your health today by using my proven methods.


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