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Wired for Weight Loss Program Holds Solution to Oprah’s – and America’s – Weight Woes –Mind/Body ConnectionKey in Adhering to Number-One New Year’s Resolution

Just in time to address America’s number-one New Year’s resolution, Mark Patrick Media has officially launched its Wired for Weight Loss program. And in the wake of Oprah Winfrey’s recent announcement that she has once again tipped the scales at 200 pounds, combating overeating compulsions resides at the top of millions of Americans minds. 

Barnegat, NJ (PRWeb) December 31, 2008 – Last week, when talk show queen Oprah Winfrey publicly admitted that she’d lost her weight-loss battle – yet again – millions of individuals across the nation breathed a collective sigh of commiseration. Knowing all too well the struggle permanent weight loss entails, they tipped their hats to Oprah’s candidness. A new program from Mark Patrick Media aims to get Oprah and the rest of the nation’s overweight Americans on the path to permanent weight-loss success. The Wired for Weight Loss program arms them with the mind/body techniques they need to beat their physiological and psychological overeating compulsions and adhere to their 2009 New Year’s resolution. Serial dieters who would like to conquer their yo-yo weight battles for good can learn more about the Wired for Weight Loss program online at

According to a December 9, 2008 CNN Health report, “About 100 million Americans make New Year resolutions,” and losing weight and exercising more are among the most frequently mentioned vows an ABC News/America Online poll found. Indeed, 14 percent of New Year’s resolution makers said their resolution would be to lose weight.

Oprah Winfrey is likely to be one of those resolvers. In an article provided earlier this month to The Associated Press by Harpo Productions, Winfrey writes, “I’m mad at myself. I’m embarrassed. I can’t believe that after all these years, all the things I know how to do, I’m still talking about my weight.” Indeed, having added 40 pounds to her frame since she weighed 160 pounds in 2006, she now tips the scales at 200 pounds.

 Why do Oprah and so many other Americans keep battling the bulge? “Finding the time, doing the exercise and having the sheer willpower it takes to slim down are the three big obstacles” to shedding those unwanted pounds the ABC News poll revealed. Ineffective – and sometimes dangerous – fad dieting is also a culprit. Says Winfrey of the liquid protein diet that got her into her famous size 10 Calvin Klein jeans, “I literally starved myself for four months — not a morsel of food.”

Developed by a 13-year veteran of the self-help movement of which Oprah is such a fan, the Wired for Weight Loss program is designed to help eliminate all these behaviors that are making people overweight. It addresses both the physiological and psychological compulsions to overeat through hypnosis, mental programming, guided visual imagery and other powerful technologies. The program helps eradicate impulsive eating behaviors, boredom eating, stress eating, sweet or fattening food cravings, negative or low self-esteem and lack of motivation to exercise.

Ted Ranson holds the Wired for Weight Loss approach in high regard: “As a mortgage banker, stress eating was a part of my evening but now it’s not even a concern. I have lost 48 pounds in my first 4.5 months ... and 73 lbs total. My energy level is so much higher; I feel great and look better too. I listened to Mark’s programs before I went to bed. This stuff really works.”

For more information on how to make 2009 the last year in which losing weight is a New Year’s resolution, contact Mark Patrick at (609) 660-8844. To learn more about the Wired for Weight Loss program, visit Mark Patrick Media online at



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