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Major Drop in Heart Attack Risk Just One Benefit of the Ultimate Non-Smoker Program – All-Natural Smoking-Cessation Program Making Breaking the Nicotine Habit Easier than Ever in 2009

With only four to six percent of New Year’s resolvers who quit smoking cold turkey likely to succeed, all-natural help is on now available. The Ultimate Non-Smoker program guarantees smoking-cessation success without drugs, patches or willpower.

Barnegat, NJ (PRWeb) January 12, 2008 – When the Associated Press announced last week that a smoking ban in one Colorado city had led to a major drop in heart attacks, smokers were once again hit in the face with a compelling reason to conquer their addiction. Yet despite all the concrete evidence of nicotine’s health risks that keep pouring in, cigarette smokers continue to find it difficult – if not impossible – to stop lighting up. Just in time to help them keep their New Year’s resolution, Mark Patrick Media has launched its Ultimate Non-Smoker program. This all-natural smoking-cessation approach employs the same simple techniques that have successfully helped a quarter million people break their nicotine habit. Smoking addicts who would like to conquer their cigarette addiction for good can learn more about the Ultimate Non-Smoker program online at

According to a January 5, 2008 Associated Press report, “A smoking ban in one Colorado city led to a dramatic drop in heart attack hospitalizations within three years, a sign of just how serious a health threat secondhand smoke is. The study, the longest-running of its kind, showed the rate of hospitalized cases dropped 41 percent in the three years after the ban of workplace smoking in Pueblo, Colo., took effect. There was no such drop in two neighboring areas, and researchers believe it’s a clear sign the ban was responsible.”

The article went on to report, “The study suggests that secondhand smoke may be a terrible and under-recognized cause of heart attack deaths in this country. Indeed, while secondhand smoke causes about 3,000 lung cancer deaths among nonsmokers each year, it also leads to “an estimated 46,000 heart disease deaths.” Those figures don’t even include the deaths that are directly related to smoking.

If long-time smokers can’t or won’t quit for their own sake, perhaps these findings will compel them to stop lighting up for the benefit of those around them. Their success in that endeavor, of course, will depend on a lot of factors, not the least of which is willpower.

Mark Patrick, a 13-year veteran of the self-help industry and developer of the Ultimate Non-Smoker program, explains, “The subconscious mind tricks first-time smokers into believing they get pleasure from the activity. That pleasure perception leads to the quest for more and more until smoking becomes a firmly entrenched habit.”

Knowing full well just how difficult it is to kick that habit, Patrick is putting his money where his mouth is. If a user of the 25-minutes-a-day Ultimate Non-Smoker program doesn’t permanently stop smoking, he will pay them $20 out of his own pocket.

If Tammy M. from Lebanon, Ky., is any indication, Patrick’s pockets will be staying full. “I was a smoker for 25 years. I tried several methods to quit...all unsuccessful. I heard about Mark's program and I was a little skeptical but thought, "What the heck! It has a money back guarantee. What can I lose? What I lost was a bad habit! I feel great."

For more information on how to make 2009 the year smoking permanently becomes a habit of the past, contact Mark Patrick at (609) 660-8844. To learn more about the all-natural Ultimate Non-Smoker program, visit Mark Patrick Media online at




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